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We know the importance of exploring beyond the confines of a rectangular border. Using advanced imaging technology, we deliver a truly immersive experience. Whether it’s navigating the interior of a property or flying hundreds of feet above it, Trace Imagery provides a better understanding and a more comprehensive representation of each unique property allowing you to not only see a location, but experience it.
Immersive Imagery

In addition to traditional HDR photography, we incorporate Spherical Imagery, or 360 degree photography, which allows the viewer freedom to explore a space from any angle they choose. The term “Look Around” just became a lot more literal.

Aerial Analysis

The Sky is no longer the limit. Using UAV’s, or drones, we are able to deliver valuable insights on properties, from boundary lines to elevation reports to 3D representation from a birds eye view. It’s like having your own personal mapping satellite.

Chronological Comparison

When managing a project, staying up-to-date with progress is crucial to success. From pre-construction site evaluation to weekly progress reports, you’ll have a visual confirmation of what’s happening with your project every step of the way.

Reactive Imagery

Today, mobile devices are the preferred method for viewing content. Using gyroscopic and directional sensors built into every phone and tablet, our reactive images will respond to your every move. Don’t just look at it, experience it.

Socially Advanced

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have invested billions of dollars incorporating this immersive technology on to their platforms. All our reactive images are 100% compatible with these sites, so you can be the first to utilize this technology and be a step ahead of the competition.

Reactive Video

Sometimes you need more than just a few photos to tell the story. That’s why we offer immersive video, bringing your photos to life, complete with music and graphics for those times when you really want your property to get noticed. They’re also completely compatible with Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, so you’re sure to reach your clients, on any screen and unlike similar 3D walkthrough technology, you own your content so you can post it on any format at any time.

Immersive Tours

Navigate a property at your own pace, in a truly interactive experience. Using the latest techniques in virtual reality and 360 imagery, navigation is completely in your control, delivering an accurate representation of the space. Be there without really being there.

Virtual Reality

Take the experience to the next level and use our immersive technology in conjunction with a virtual reality headset to get a true sense of what it’s like to be standing inside a property. Virtually walk from room to room and understand the layout of a space before ever setting foot inside. It will change the way you view real estate.

HDR Photography

There will always be a need for traditional photos. That’s why we offer the latest techniques in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography to produce stunning images that are sure to grab your viewers attention.


Our goal is to visually tell the story of your property, allowing the viewer to get a sense of the location, all from the comfort of their own screen. Using our Microsites to showcase your property, free yourself to focus on the important parts of your business and leave the technology to us.

Image Branding

Make sure clients know who to contact with our image branding option. You’ll receive a second copy of your images that include your logo, so viewers will know to contact you for information about the property.

Aerial Imagery

Sometimes, the only way to see the forest through the trees, is to get above them. With our fleet of aerial drones, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of a property of any size. From a single home to hundreds of acres, we can accurately map property lines, measure distance and even calculate elevation. It’s like having your own personal mapping satellite.

Advanced Aerial Solutions


Aerial Photo/Video

Property Line Mapping

Elevation Report

3D Reconstruction

$2.5 Million Insured

FAA Compliance
Area Measurement: Measure area quickly and accurately to gather an understanding of your site as a bigger picture.
Volume Measurement: Measure volume in just a few clicks to gather valuable insights on stockpiles otherwise impossible from the ground.
Chronological Comparison: Access before, during and after imagery in intervals as frequently as you request, keeping everyone informed and accountable.
Elevation Report: Analyze your site in a whole different light by generating an elevation report, giving you valuable insight into site costs before you even break ground.
Plant Health: Using NDVI technology, our cameras can display spectrums that reveal the health of vegetation and crops not visible to the human eye.
Distance Measurement: Quickly measure distances without ever setting foot on the job site, allowing you to make accurate decisions from the comfort of your own office.

3D Reconstruction

It’s challenging to translating large parcels of land into a format that is easily understood. Using the latest in drone technology and photogrammetry techniques, we’re able to shrink thousands of acres in to the palm of your hand. Get an accurate representation of elevation, features and improvements, flying anywhere in just a few clicks.

Aerial Video

Drones have expanded our access to places, once inaccessible. Whether it’s inspecting a construction site, or showcasing a final product, go where no one else has gone before.

Time Travel

During construction, communication is paramount to success. Utilizing our chronological comparison, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Just select the interval; weekly, monthly, or at key milestones of the project, and we’ll deliver a high resolution visual comparison from any date you choose. We even offer 360 street level mapping to compare the state of a site from start to finish. It’s like having your very own time machine.


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